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Pequea Christian School is a private,  1st-8th Grade, Christian school in Narvon, PA.

  1. The purpose of Pequea Christian School is to indoctrinate young people in the Word of God and acquaint them with the teachings of the Mennonite Church, and to provide training under Christian influence and environment for the development of Christian character. This organization shall function as an assistant to the Christian home and church by helping parents in their responsibility of teaching their children the Christian faith, its virtues and the moral values of life.
  2. The School shall assist the home in developing and bringing into full expression the students’ God-given talents for use in spiritual and secular activities.
  3. The School shall assist them in acquiring skills in Christian reasoning, thinking, and speaking.
  4. The School shall teach the subjects required by the state of Pennsylvania with the purpose of developing individual talents and conveying correct Biblical information concerning the creation, animal and plant life, history and human relations, giving careful emphasis to a Bible-centered curriculum.
  5. The School shall foster an appreciation of the Bible and the standard of living it upholds and maintain a Christian environment for the students so that they may be taught the values of true godliness.